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Machining and Manufacturing

Taskmaster’s machining and manufacturing department has vast experience in the oilfield, mining and pulp/paper industries. Our expertise in working with many specialty metals and alloys enable us to manufacture some of the more difficult components fully supporting our Coatings and Hardsurfacing services. We can provide turnkey manufacturing production with capabilities of:


C.N.C. Lathes / Turning

Nakamura Tome SC-450LL

Gildemeister NEF 600, turning center

OKUMA LB45II-3000 turing center. 3 meter bed and 10.5 inch through spindle.

OKUMA LB45II-2000 turing center. 2 meter bed and 10.5 inch through spindle.

OKUMA LU-35 turing center. Twin turret lathe.



C.N.C. Milling

Haas VF7/50. XYZ travels of 84″x32″x30″

Kitamura Mycenter 1, WYZ travels 14″x20″x24″




Cylindrical Grinding ( O.D. and I.D. )

One of our specialties is in diamond grinding and polishing of Tungsten Carbide coated, or otherwise Hard surfaced products, but we can grind almost any material with sizes up to 38″ outside diameter x 100″ in length. We have a versatile range of cylindrical O.D. grinding machines in production:


Landis, angle head cylindrical grinder, 38″ swing, 100″ center to center

Berco, Crankshaft style cylindrical grinder, 20″ swing, 60″ between chucks

Okuma, angle head cylindrical grinder, 16″ swing, 70″ center to center

Okuma, plain cylindrical grinder, 12″ swing, 70″ center to center

Okuma, plain cylindrical grinder, 12″ swing, 70″ center to center

S.M.T.W., universal cylindrical grinder, 22″ swing, 80″ center to center

Jotes, plain cylindrical grinder, 12″ swing, 120″ center to center

Danobat, plain cylindrical grinder, 12″ swing, 48″ center to center

Champion universal grinder, 18″ swing, 60″ center to center

Berco, Crankshaft style cylindrical grinder, 34″ swing, 190″ between chucks

This capacity will maintain the ability to provide quick turn around on most products and services.

IMG_0386  IMG_0578

We also have a versatile range of Internal grinding capacity:

Heald, 16″ swing, 24″ depth

Heald, 16″ swing, 48″ depth

Glacau, 24″ swing, 36″ depth

Our precision grinding equipment allows us to hit tight tolerances and almost mirror finishes on most metals or coated surfaces.



Universal Vertical Grinding

The Frauenthal rotary table universal grinder provides the ideal solution for universal grinding of large diameter, heavy components which require internal, external and face grinding – for example motor casings, gears, pumps, bearings and turbines found in sectors such as power generation, oil and gas and marine.

Using this style of machine for heavier components has a distinct advantage over a horizontal grinder in that, rather than constantly fighting gravity, the weight of the component makes it easier to load and position on the rotary table. With the ability to swing a diameter of 60 inches, there are not many jobs it can’t handle.

Manual Lathes / Turning

We also use a variety of manual lathes in production. Our engine lathes can handle parts of up to 28″ diameter x 120″ long.

Stanko, 28″ swing, 120″ center to center

Stanko, 28″ swing, 120″ center to center

TOS, 24″ swing, 60″ center to center

Morando, 24″ swing, 120″ center to center

Nardini, 18″ swing, 60″ center to center

IMG_0481  IMG_2451


Manual Milling

Our KLOPP, Heavy Duty universal milling machine can handle most unusual applications.



HONING of Internal bores


We Have heavy Duty honing capacity for internal bores – great finishes to tight tolerances!

Horizontal hone for long parts

2 Barnes vertical hones for parts up to 48″ long



We have excellent surface grinding capacity with our two hydraulic reciprocating type machines. We can finish grind to tight tolerances and almost mirror finishes on most metals or hardsurfaced coatings.

The Okamoto has an amazing 30″ x 60″ magnetic table allowing us to finish most large parts.

The Okamoto CNC has a 24″ x 60″ table, large parts, very accurate machine.

The Elb has a magnetic table of 20″ x 30″. (out of service, scheduled for retro fit)

Sundstrand rotary grinder, 32″ diameter table

IMG_1892  IMG_0845


mandrels   IMG_0167  IMG_0862

We utilize a vibratory style super polisher as well as conventional diamond belts, pads, and pastes to achieve mirror quality finishes where applications demand.

Quality Assurance

Our Production team, follows strict process procedures to ensure that in our products, Taskmaster Technologies Inc. will meet or exceed customer requirements through continued focus on quality and process improvements. As our company has evolved over the years, changes in our Quality Control system have as well. Our relentless pursuit of improvement has not only brought us to the forefront in coatings application technology, but also in the implementation of advanced process procedures. To verify the success of these application procedures, we send out a complete barrage of test coupons to 3rd party laboritories at least once per year. In addition to those yearly tests, we are proud to boast that we are one of the select few HVOF, and PTA coating companies that have an in house metallurgical laboratory. 

Metallurgical Laboratory

We use our metallurgical laboratory to our advantage when it comes to evaluation of process parameters for optimization of quality. Another big advantage is being able to evaluate the quality of materials received from our suppliers used in our coatings processes. Through this testing, we can determine if a material can provide the desired quality result, and in turn helps us to create an approved suppliers list. We only use the top quality materials! If you have any questions regarding our Quality System, please contact us!